Herbal Medicine: How to Make a Vinegar Herbal Tincture

Vinegar tinctures are not considered true tinctures by all herbalists. However, vinegar provides an adequate medium for tincturing herbs for use with children, or for those who prefer not to use alcohol in their herbal tinctures.

1.Place 1 cup fresh herb, or 1/8 cup well ground dried herb in a canning jar.

2.Fill the jar with apple cider vinegar and seal with the lid.

3.Label the jar with the date of preparation and herbal contents.

4.Store out of direct sunlight for 5 weeks, shaking it ever two days.

5.After 5 weeks has passed, strain the herb from the apple cider vinegar using clean cotton cloth like cheese  cloth and a strainer. Line the strainer with the cloth. Place a glass container to catch the liquid under the strainer. Do this slowly. When the herb is strained press the herb in the cloth to get the last of the liquid out.

6.Dispose of the spent herb.

7.Store the strained liquid in a dark colored jar with a tight fitting lid and dropper. The dropper will make it easier to measure the tincture.

8.Label the jar with the name of the vinegar herbal tincture and the date it was prepared.