Herbal Medicine: How to Make Herbal Liniments

Herbal liniments are used topically. They are used on the skin for a variety of ailments such as sore muscles, itching rashes, joint pain, acne, cold sores and antiseptics for abrasions. Liniments are made exactly like herbal tinctures. They are simply used differently and the herbs are selected for topical uses.


1. In a 1 pint, wide mouth canning jar place 1 1/2 cup of well ground dried herb. Herbs that are known for skin ailments, and their uses are listed below.

2. Fill the pint jar with apple cider vinegar and seal tightly with the lid.

If you wish to use alcohol in preparing the liniment, Everclear, vodka, or brandy can also be used.

3. Label the jar with the date of preparation and the herbal contents.

4. Store the jar in a dark place shaking it every 2 days.

5. After 5 weeks has passed, strain the herb from the liniment. Place the liniment in a dark colored bottle with a tight fitting lid. Mark the bottle with the herbal liniment contents, the date of preparation and the liniment uses of the herb.

6. Common Herbs Used to Prepare Liniments

Peppermint - Soothing muscle aches
Lemon Balm - Cold sores
Lavender - All purpose, abrasions, rashes, bug bites, itch relief
Echinacea - Antiseptic
Black Walnut Hull - Fungus remedy such as athletes foot
Calendula - Eczema and skin rashes